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sublime audio design 

Crafting sound that deepens emotions, enriches narratives, and goes beyond cultural barriers is at the core of what we do.


Your voice, magnified.

  • Elevate Corporate Meetings with Unique Sonic Atmospheres

  • Podcast Production Mastery - Unleashing Sonic Excellence

  • Immerse in Audiobook Journeys with Captivating Soundscapes

  • Mastering Harmonious Branding: The Art & Music Fusion

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Audio Branding

Global BET
Ad Sports Dubai
Tallboy Media Promo
Peekskill at Night

Sonic User Experience

Enriching emotions, narratives, and transcending culture —transforming auditory experiences for a captivating sonic journey.

We create distinctive audio user experiences, weaving brand stories through sound for seamless interactions.


Audio Storytelling

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Immersive Audio Experiences

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For Arup's Green Mobility Study in 2021, the founder of Sublime Audio Design crafted an immersive experience that transported users to Cambodia, recreating the awe-inspiring atmosphere of Angkor Wat.  Leveraging innovative audio techniques, the founder delivered a captivating experience that seamlessly blended technology and storytelling, showcasing their expertise in creating emotionally resonant audio experiences.

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sublime audio design 

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