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Soundscapes of Serenity: How Sublime Audio Design is Promoting Equity Through Sound

Updated: Jun 1, 2023

New Approaches: How Soundscapes For Wellness Can Promote Equity In The Urban Environment with Sublime Audio Design Leading The Way.

Sound designer, composer, and sound artist, Marcus Webb has launched a sound wellness business to offer transformative sound experiences to the health and wellness, rehabilitation, yoga, spa, and hospitality industries..

Called Sublime Audio Design, the company specializes in music and sound solutions that promote deep relaxation. Their solutions combine field recording, music composition, nature, and sound therapy.

“My interest in soundscape design as it pertains to urban development, specifically in places like rehabilitation centers and homeless shelters, stems from my background in acoustical engineering. During my time working as an acoustics consultant, I recognized the potential of acoustics engineering to provide solutions for clients, as they are already “in the room”, and providing valuable services regarding overall room acoustics, handling HVAC noise, along with sound isolation and vibration issues. However, many people do not consider the importance of soundscape design and more specifically soundscape design composition or the use of minimalistic types of sonic design such as ambient music, binaural & solfeggio design in their environment. Instead, the focus lies squarely and definitively on eliminating noise and putting out fires. I believe that sound, soundscape design, and composition play an important role in crafting healthy and equitable sonic environments.”

“It's really disappointing to see how many architectural acoustics firms fail to embrace soundscape design and soundscape design composition. As someone who's worked in the industry for several years, I've seen firsthand how soundscape design can be overlooked and undervalued and when it is entertained, it is often associated with high-brow, expensive projects that prioritize artistic statements over practical solutions. Some firms view it as a waste of time or a frivolous pursuit, but that couldn't be further from the truth. Soundscape design is an incredibly valuable tool that can have a real impact on people's lives. It's a missed opportunity to create better environments for people. Soundscape design serves a crucial purpose and should not be ignored.”

Soundscape design is an essential component of building equity in the built environment. By incorporating soundscape design into the planning and design of public spaces, we can create more inclusive and accessible environments that benefit everyone. Soundscape design can help enhance the acoustic quality of a space, promote social interaction, and create a more harmonious environment. By prioritizing soundscape design, we can build more equitable and sustainable communities that promote health, well-being, and social connectedness.

It is this very missed opportunity to create better environments for people that Webb felt compelled to start Sublime Audio Design and Sublime Design Radio.

The company also designs and develops its own generative app SublimeAudioAI which provides the user with music selections and compositions for any kind of physical or therapeutic journey, along with being suited for a variety of different kinds of spaces.

Marcus Webb is a multi-talented sound designer, composer, instrumentalist, sound artist, DJ, and record label owner with over 20 years of experience in ambient and experimental music. He brings a unique perspective to his work in soundscape design and sound in the built environment, using his expertise in music and sound art to create immersive and transformative experiences in the health and wellness, rehabilitation, and hospitality industries.

About Sublime Design Radio

In addition to Sublime Audio Design, an offshoot of the primary business - Sublime Design Radio, is a 24-hour radio station and playlist delivery service, creating on-brand solutions for a range of businesses. Sublime Design Radio blends a variety of soundscapes, including functional sound, which is carefully crafted to reduce heart rate, blood pressure, and stress while promoting positive biochemical responses to balance the sympathetic/parasympathetic nervous system. Additionally, it incorporates biophilic sounds and sound healing instrument recordings to create immersive well-being experiences.

Sublime Audio Design specializes in crafting tailor-made soundscapes, using a combination of field recordings, original compositions, and sound therapy techniques to create immersive experiences.

Sublime Audio Design is the perfect partner for customized soundscape design and place-making that elevates your wellness experience. We prioritize creating immersive sonic spaces that promote relaxation, rejuvenation, and well-being.

Visit us at: to learn more.


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