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Set of 3 - Crystal Singing Bowls w/ Bag

Set of 3 - Crystal Singing Bowls w/ Bag

  • Item Include: 3 PCS high quality crystal singing bowl(6"A 8"F 10"C), one suede mallet, one rubber mallet, one carry case bag,3 PCS rubber O-ring.
  • Application: Sound healing and meditation, prayer, buddhist, yoga, stress reduction, balancing body chakra, adjusting our emotional state and so on.
  • Handmade: Our crystal singing bowl is hand hammered by craftsmen to ensure precision tuning to make the sound more harmonious. It has amazing sound,each bowl is an unique music instrument.
  • About Us: CVNC is a producer of crystal singing bowl, we have abundant production experience,we founded in 2004. Our main products are Frosted crystal singing bowls, Clear crystal singing bowls, Crystal singing pyramids, Crystal singing harps, Crystal tuning forks and so on.
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