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At Sublime Audio Design, we specialize in enhancing your workspace with advanced sound masking solutions. Our unique approach combines artful soundscapes with cutting-edge technology, creating an environment where unwanted noise is seamlessly transformed into an atmosphere of tranquility

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Over 50% of the Fortune 100 rely on sound masking for the success of their daily operations

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Why Sound Masking?


Discover the power of sound masking in minimizing auditory interruptions that can lead employees to lose up to 86 minutes daily.


Amplify office comfort by utilizing sound masking to craft an acoustical atmosphere that aligns perfectly with employee comfort.


A significant 60% of office workers express discontent due to inadequate speech privacy. Sound masking plays a pivotal role in upholding confidentiality, fostering a secure environment in both open and private spaces.


In the era of open floor plans, sound masking serves as a pivotal tool to elevate efficiency within today's workspace.

Sound Masking and Designing the Soundscape

The art of sound masking - like we care about what you hear

Sound Masking Design Introduction

Many indoor spaces that are acoustically absorbent and well insulated produce a kind of silence that can have an unpleasant effect. People who spend time in these places often seem to behave unnaturally, because they feel listened to or exposed. They might speak very quietly or avoid unnecessary sounds, which further reduces the general sound levels.

Successful application of sound masking occurs when the occupants generally do not know where the sources are operating from and the coverage is even and non-intrusive. The intent is for sound masking to be as invisible as the architecture will allow.


The masking effect works by causing the human ear to either not hear partial frequencies within a frequency spectrum or to perceive them with reduced sensitivity. Put simply sound masking uses and inconspicuous ambient noise (which is the masking sound) to conceal irritating noises like conversations. It's some cases, this effect is artificially achieved with generated noise that is then played into an open space (like an office)from the ceiling for example. These systems rarely gain the acceptance of the people who work in these offices.


System Design
Sound masking loudspeakers are typically installed above the finished ceiling firing upward and reflecting off the structure above to provide the maximum dispersion and overlapping coverage at occupant plane. This is the general preference; however, based on architectural design, our designs not only support the upfiring of loudspeakers above ACT, but also downfiring loudspeakers in the open office areas to maximize uniformity within a ceiling plane.

At Sublime Audio Design we feel that sound masking can be done better. We see a great potential for good design. Instead of static ambient noise, specifically designed soundscapes that are lively or even slightly emotional can be integrated into the space as an alternative to static ambient noise. These specifically crafted soundscapes might be sounds that evoke natural sounds of nature, the nature of the building and it's materials, or the time of day or the season of the year. Different areas of a space or building can be differently orchestrated according to specific needs and program for the space.


Soundscape design takes into consideration the health and wellness of the people who spend time in these spaces the most


Don't settle for generic sound masking -
let us help you create a truly unique
and personalized listening experience.
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Jane Thompson, CEO, VoxWave Technologies

“Sublime Audio Design's sound masking solutions have truly transformed our workspace. Their unique perspective on sound masking, coupled with their creative approach, has made a significant difference in creating a more productive and comfortable environment for our team."

David Mitchell, Creative Director, Aura Interiors

"Working with Sublime Audio Design has been a remarkable experience. Their sound masking solutions not only improve the acoustics but also reflect their unique perspective on the art of sound. Our clients have noticed the difference, and it has enhanced the overall quality of our interior design projects."

Dr. Sarah Reynolds, Founder, Harmony Health Medical Group

"We turned to Sublime Audio Design for their sound masking expertise, and their approach set them apart. Their commitment to a unique perspective on sound masking has significantly impacted our clinic's atmosphere. Patients now enjoy a sense of privacy and tranquility that sets us apart from the rest."
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